Company secretarial services

Register A Company in can assist you with a wide range of Company Secretarial and Compliance Services after your company has been registered.

This includes our annual ‘Company Secretarial & Compliance Service’ which includes the following:

– Preparation and electronic filing of the statutory Annual Return with the Companies Office

– Maintenance of the seven statutory registers and minute book

– Looking after all Company Secretarial matters* e.g. ad hoc changes in directors, registered office, shareholders, increase in share capital

– Notice and preparation of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes and minutes for Directors board meetings

– Safe-keeping of Company Seal (if required)

– Monitoring of company on CORE system (protects against fraud)

Provision of Corporate Company Secretary (if required)


Our list of ‘ad hoc’ Company Secretarial services include the following:

– Change of Memorandum & Articles of Association (Constitution)

– Company Restorations including High Court Company Restoration

– Business Name Registration

– Trademark Registration

– Maintenance of Statutory registers

– Preparation and Filing of annual returns & preparation of AGM (if required)

– Share Transfers & Allotments

– Consolidation and Sub-Division of Shares

– Preparation of Minutes of Meetings and Board Resolutions

– Nominee Shareholders – Holding shares in trust

– Power of Attorney

– Notarisation and Apostille of documents