Why Ireland

There is quite a few reasons why Ireland is the number 1 jurisdiction in Europe for inward investment and is world renowned as a low corporate tax hub. Thousands of companies from small consultancy firms to Multinational Corporations (MNCs) have chosen Ireland as their strategic European base, attracted by our pro-business, low corporate tax environment, track record of success and a young, highly skilled talent pool.

The main advantages of registering a company in Ireland are as follows:

– Tax Incentives – Headline Corporate tax rate of 12.5% with effective rate as low as 5%. One of the best holding company regimes in the world and agency agreements can be used. Tax incentives exist for a variety of activities including IP, technology licencing and machinery leasing. For example, the intellectual property (IP) regime  provides a tax write-off for broadly defined IP acquisitions. Low capitalisation costs when compared with most EU jurisdictions. There is an effective zero tax rate rate for foreign dividends.

– Government Incentives. These include the 0% tax on the first 3 years of business for start up’s and also the generous 25% Research & Deveopment credit.

– English Speaking – Ireland is an English speaking member of the Eurozone;

– Technology – Ireland has a rich history of achievements in science and technology and continues to invest in research and technological capabilities.

– Talent – Young, flexible, adaptable, mobile workforce. The median age of the population is 35, the lowest in the EU

– Track Record – Over 1,000 multinational corporations have chosen Ireland as their strategic European base. Many of these companies have gone on to expand their facilities due to the profitability and success of the Irish operation

– European Market.  Barrier-free access to over 500 million consumers in Europe; Education

– A highly skilled and educated workforce. According to the EIU, Benchmarking Global City Competitiveness report 2012, Dublin ranks as the best city in the world for human capital.

– Reputation. Ireland has an excellent international corporate image and is considered an ‘on-shore’ jurisction.

– Neutrality.  Ideal for international Joint Ventures where participants wish to incorporate in a neutral state. One of the safest and most politically stable countries in the world.

Many of these companies have gone on to expand their facilities in Ireland because of the positive, adaptable attitude of the workforce and the ready availability of highly educated and experienced managers.

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